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The 2nd International Symposium on Underutilised Plant Species “Crops for the Future- Beyond Food Security” 27th June – 1st July 2011. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For more details visit the symposium website

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Garcinia spp. by P.Quek

The project will contribute to the improvement of livelihoods and food security of target beneficiaries through the conservation and use of tropical fruit tree genetic resources. The objective of this project is the conservation in situ and on farm of tropic fruit tree genetic resources through strengthened capacity of farmers, user groups1, local communities and institutions to sustainably apply good practices and secure benefits.

The following outcomes will result from the project: tropical fruit tree diversity is conserved in situ and on farm through improved knowledge of its value, use and sustainable management practices; rural communities benefit by using methodologies and gender-sensitive good practices for the management and conservation of tropical fruit tree species and intra-specific diversity; and stakeholders have the capacity and the leadership skills to apply good practices for managing tropical fruit tree diversity for sustainable livelihoods, food security and ecosystem health. The project will seek to provide an effective long-term basis for maintaining the genetic diversity and associated ecosystem functions of both the cultivated and wild varieties of 1 For the purpose of this document the ‘User group’ is defined as those who gather fruits and other useful parts of the tree from naturally occurring target tropical fruit tree species in the wild and forests and use it for daily household use or for income generation by marketing. Generally, such people live within or near forested areas in which the target fruit tree species are distributed.